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Crytek Studios - Crysis 2

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Crytek Studios - Crysis 2 Empty Crytek Studios - Crysis 2

Post by Nether on Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:17 pm

(I'm here to talk about Crysis 2.

May contain spoilers.

I have never played Crysis 1, so I do not know how much the storyline differs.
I, however, have played Call of Duty, so I know that Crysis 2 multiplayer is a copy of Call of Duty.

In the Crysis 2 Storyline, aliens have come to claim the world, and Prophet is the only defense, because of his nanosuit, which is alien technology.
Prophet becomes infected by alien virus, somehow, so he finds you, and gives you the suit.
Prophet describes the suit as "symbiosis", and kills himself to break the connection, and the suit is availiable to you.
Then, everyone believes you are Prophet and have orders to kill you, as you are a bio-hazardous threat.
Gould, the scientist you are given orders to protect, doesn't know who you really are, {SPOILER} until later in the game you are stripped of your suit and revealed as Alcatraz.

{Just spoilers for the rest of the review}

Hargreave has copied your suit.
Hargreave has known of the alien threat before anyone.
Hargreave commands the CELL, the people who want to kill Prophet.

My rating:
Storyline: :D Awesome, but could be better.
Multiplayer: :| A copy of a well-known game.

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Crytek Studios - Crysis 2 Empty Re: Crytek Studios - Crysis 2

Post by tleit004 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:41 am

i love the demo for this game.

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