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Traffic Boost-Guidlines

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Traffic Boost-Guidlines

Post by Spudster on Mon May 23, 2011 10:48 am

Do you need extra traffic for your forum
We will submit your forum/site to Traffic systems such as the name means you get heaps of traffic all you need todo have the required points and we can do the exchanging for you
Please make sure your forums meets the follwoing rules

1 free domains such as domains will be Rejected depending on the system/site you are choosing sub domains like might be Ok
2 We will reject Warez,porn,virus sites/forums
3 Sites must have atleast 4 pages of content forums must have 300 posts
In order to request for this service
Service Price:200 APs
How Long: You will remain in the requested traffic systems for 1 week after this you must wait 2 days before requesting again
You may read what system we offer here

3 TrafficSwamp
these dont get you members
but will get you lots of traffic so its much easier to advertise new members

More Still to Come
Thanks for reading the guidlines
Forum Advent Team


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