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Guidlines,Templating Usage and more

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Guidlines,Templating Usage and more  Empty Guidlines,Templating Usage and more

Post by Spudster on Mon May 23, 2011 11:30 am

Welcome to *Users Posting* services this is like our packaging service except other member may come and post on your forum we do have strict rules to use this feature so all forums are safe
1 Spamming/Flooding Forums= 1 Week IP ban from the forums
2 Please dont ask the administrators for staff Postion unless they ask you first
3 You are noly alowed to make one topic per site all we will delete/lock your topic
4 Enojy this service
there will be prizes soon for members that post on other forums this is just a beta version
Service Price:300 APs
How Long:Users can post on your forum once your thread is up (Its Permantly Up)
please use the following template
Site Name
Site Url
How Many Posts
Extra Notes

Have fun using this feature


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