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ForumAdvent Rules

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ForumAdvent Rules

Post by Spudster on Thu Mar 31, 2011 11:10 am

These our forum wide rules any users found not following these will action will be taken

1 No Flaming-Please do not use hatefull,abusive Words we also dont allow users teasing other people religion we they were born etc

2 English Only-Please note that ForumAdvent is an english forum only any other language is agaisnt our rules and post will be removed maybe a warning level on your profile

3-No Bumping/Blank Posting-Please do not bump your thread this depends on the rules and guidlines in that forum(read guidlines in the forum before posting guidlines are in all forum under Services Gatagory other Gatagories this will applies We Also dont like post with just smilies on it or are just blank these posts will get deleted or trashed as there is no point in them

4-No Hacking Hacking Our forums is not allowed or Hacking other users accounts any type off hacking will get your ISP Banned from the forum or Your Advent Account Closed Down

5 No Advertising In The Chatbox

Please do not advertise your site in the chatbox the chat is only for talking and getting in touch with other members if you want to advertise your site this is what the forums are for

Please Read and Follow These Rules ad you will have no problem using Our Services
Seya Later Spudster! Very Happy


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